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Young YouTuber and musician Sahan Mia

Staff Reporter
Published: Monday, March 7, 2022

Sahan Mia (also known as Sahan’s Vlog) is a young YouTuber, musician, and social worker.

He was born on 8 February 2002 in Moulvibazar, known as the state of tea. He started his journey on YouTube in 2020. This year, he has gained a lot of attention by uploading vlogs and music videos on his channel, including monetization. He has also been involved in social activities for many years. The affected people have stood by the various disasters in the country. He distributed food, clothes, and other necessities among them.

He has established a social organization called ‘Munshibazar Ekota Juba Samaj’ with the youth of the area. The organization has already implemented various programs including Eid gift items, Iftar items, blood camping, relief distribution in Corona, setting up of dustbins in the market, application of pesticides against Corona, distribution of masks, distribution of cash, distribution of sports items, Iftar mahfil.

In an interview, Sahan Mia said, “I want the people around me to be happy. My next plan is to develop the roads in my area. People in different areas are suffering because of the road. I want to be a normal person and live among everyone.”

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