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An attempt to forcefully occupy the place of London expatriate in Rajnagar

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Published: Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Two sons and two daughters of late Arju Mia of Rambhadrapur area of ​​Tengra union of Rajnagar Upazila of Moulvibazar. Younger son Lukman Ahmad and daughter Shelly Begum live in London.  Another daughter Jelly Aktar lives with her family at her husband’s house in Karnigram. Consequently, the eldest son Farooq Mia lives in the ancestral house with the family.


According to the documents of late Arju Mia, he had 2.47 acres of land.  His two sons and two daughters own this land.  But the eldest son Farooq Mia and his family want to take possession of all the properties by force. For this, they are adopting different methods.


Lukman Ahmad came to the country during the death of his father Arju Mia.  Stepbrother Farooq Mia looks after the house.  Expatriate Lukman Ahmad entrusted his stepbrother Farooq Ahmad with the responsibility of looking after the house.  Farooq Ahmad lives with his family in their ancestral home.  But Farooq Mia and his wife and son started trying to occupy the house.


Therefore, Lukman Mia entrusted his younger sister Jelly Akhtar with the responsibility of looking after his place and house.  Because of this, the elder brother Farooq Mia and his family were angry with the sister.

Jelly Akther was threated to be assaulted, abused, and caused mortal injury.


At present, they are not letting Jelly Akhtar go to look after the house, and they have seized all the resources by force.  Although the arbitration meeting has been held several times, the issue has not been resolved.  Jelly Akhtar was threatened and tried to be abused and assaulted in unspeakable language for organizing the arbitration meeting.


In view of the incident, Jelly Akhter’s brother Farooq Mia, sister-in-law Irene Parveen Chowdhury, Farooq Mia’s son Afikul Islam Taif, Akbar Hossain Alak, Ataul Islam Sanur made a general diary (Diary No-1344) at Rajnagar police station on 26 November 2021.  Later, the complaint was investigated by the ASI of Rajnagar police station.   The case was sent to Moulvibazar Executive Magistrate Court (NGR No-258/21) after finding the truth of the complaint.


Later, the accused pleaded to not breach of peace at Executive Magistrate’s Court and got acquitted.


Later, the accused started fighting again on June 7, 2022. In view of this, Jelly Akhtar made a GD at Rajnagar Police Station (GD No-335).  PSI, Zakir Hossain Rubel, of Rajnagar police station investigated the GD and sent it to the court to take necessary action.  Which is currently pending in court.


Also, a case in partition act ( 33/21 )is going on regarding this property in Assistant Judge’s Court (Rajnagar) Moulvibazar.


Expatriate Lukman Ahmad said that his father had 3 bighas of land.  He also bought another 1 bigha of land.  A pond was built on this land so that the people of the house can use it for various purposes including bathing.  But now his brother and family together do not allow the people of the house to come to the pond.  Moreover, waste and garbage were thrown into the pond making it unusable.  And there was a road through their property that was also blocked.


Jelly Akhtar said, “when I go to my father’s house, they threaten me.  I am not allowed to enter my brother’s room.  They cut the trees without telling anyone.  They threatened to kill me when I asked them about all these.  Local people and our UP members are fully aware of this.”


Afikul Islam Taif, son of accused Farooq Mia, said, “My uncle kept his part separated by a wall.  We did not make any threats.  We Cut down a tree only because it obstructed the road. I didn’t do anything else.


Abdul Aziz, a local UP member, said, “I have tried to resolve the matter several times.  But Farooq Mia does not want to sit in arbitration.  He hesitated to resolve the issue.  They don’t come when they are asked to come for arbitration.



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