May 30, 2024, 4:44 pm

The Moulvibazar Today

The Moulvibazar Today is the first English online newspaper of Moulvibazar district of Bangladesh. On June 27, 2021, the media started its journey. Currently, Kamran Ahmed is serving as its chief editor. It is an organization of EvoMax IT. The online news portal has started its operations with the commitment of fearless, investigative, informative Journalism.


The Moulvibazar Today launched on June 27, 2021. Its motto is United We Present. The Moulvibazar Today has its own representative in all upazilas of Moulvibazar district of Bangladesh and in 5 countries of the world. The Moulvibazar Today is very important to the expatriates of Moulvibazar district who are staying in different countries. As the language of the media is English, it has easily become popular among expatriates.

The Moulvibazar Today, which is led by a group of young, motivated, and experienced journalists, focuses on the news’ storytelling pattern to help readers grasp even the most complex subjects.