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Boyfriend and brother-in-law killed girlfriend!

Staff Reporter
Published: Saturday, February 4, 2023

The Police has revealed the mystery of a clueless case in Juri of Moulvibazar district. After three months, the police arrested the lover Lalonpasi (23) and the victim’s brother-in-law Uzir Miah (42) for drowning Shahana Akhter (26) to death.

Shahana Akhter (26), daughter of Arman Ali, a tea worker of Shilua tea garden in Goalbari union bordering the upazila. After their arrest, they confessed to the police about their involvement in the murder. The accused were sent to jail by the court on Friday (February 3).


According to the statement of the family and the case, Shahana Akhtar (26), daughter of Arman Ali, a tea worker of the local Shilua tea garden, went out on the afternoon of October 27 last year and did not return home. In the case of the girl’s disappearance, her family including her father started looking for her in various places. Later, 3 days after the disappearance, on the afternoon of October 29, people saw the body of a woman floating in the river called Talgang on the India-Bangladesh border and informed the police. On the instructions of the police station officer in-charge Mosharraf Hossain, police station SI Khairul Islam Badal recovered the body and sent the body to the morgue for post-mortem.


Later, under the guidance of SI Md Sirajul Islam and OC Mohammad Mosharraf Hossain, the investigating officers of the case, using information technology based on the call list of the victim Shahana’s mobile phone, confirmed that the lover Lalonpasi and Shahana’s brother-in-law Wazir Mia were involved in the murder, they were taken into police custody. During police interrogation, they admitted that Shahana was drowned in the Talgang river on the Indo-Bangladesh border. Sources also said that the deceased Shahana was married to Md. Siraj Mia of Patrakhola tea garden in Kamalganj upazila of the district 6 years ago.


Shahana returned to her father’s house within three months of marriage as her husband was mentally unstable. During her stay at her father’s house, Shahana developed a illegal relationship with Lalonpasi, a Hindu youth from the same garden, for the past two years. At one stage of the love relationship, they had physical relations several times. The locals along with her brother-in-law got angry with them when they found out about their relationship. Meanwhile, her brother-in-law became desperate to have physical relations with Shahana. At one point, Shahana’s brother-in-law Wazir Mia tries hard to develop physical relationship with her. After failing to that, he planned to kill her with the help of her lover. According to the murder plan, lover Lalonpasi and brother-in-law Wazir Mia killed Shahana by drowning her in water on the day of the incident. Wazir Mia asked the lover not to tell anyone after the murder. He had threatened to hang him to death if he had told anything to anyone.


The investigating officer of the case, SI Md Sirajul Islam, said that during the investigation of the case, the victim Shahana’s mobile phone call list was used to arrest her boyfriend Lalonpasi and the victim’s brother-in-law Wazir Mia on suspicion of murder. In the interrogation after the arrest, Lalonpasi said that two to three months before the murder, his brother-in-law tried to build a sexual relationship with Shahana. He also threatened to ostracize Shahana along with Shahana’s lover after failing to have physical relationship. At one point, with the help of her lover, the two men killed Shahana as a plan to kill her. In this case, two of them have been arrested and sent to jail through the court.


Officer-in-charge Mohammad Mosharraf Hossain said that Shahana’s brother-in-law and lover Lalonpasi were arrested using information technology. A case has been registered at the police station (Case No-1, dated 02-02-2023) and the accused have been sent to jail through the court.



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