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Independent candidate Abdur Rahim’s nomination paper cancelled

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Published: Monday, December 11, 2023
Independent candidate Abdur Rahim's nomination paper cancelled

The Election Commission has canceled the nomination papers of independent candidate for Moulvibazar-3 (Rajnagar-Moulvibazar Sadar) seat, vice-president of United Kingdom Awami League Mohammad Abdur Rahim Shaheed.

On Monday (December 11), his appeal was rejected after a hearing at the Agargaon Election Commission in the capital. As a result, the candidature of Mohammad Abdur Rahim Shaheed was cancelled. This information is known from the sources of the Election Commission.

Abdur Rahim’s nomination was canceled on the charges that he had the signature of a deceased person on the list of supporting voters in his nomination affidavit, holding tax arrears and dual citizenship.

Earlier, on November 4, the returning officer canceled the nomination papers of Mohammad Abdur Rahim Shaheed, an independent candidate in the Moulvibazar-3 constituency.

Another inquiry revealed that MA Rahim is a resident of Nazirabad Union of Moulvibazar Sadar Upazila. Lived in Britain for a long time. London Bangla Agro and MR Agro Trading Limited have established industrial companies in their area. He earned 19 crore 44 lakh taka in 9 years from these industries. But for the last 9 years they are not paying the annual tax of these institutions. Because of which Nazirabad Union Parishad has sent a letter on November 19, 2023-24/71 (5) to pay a total of 9 years outstanding dues of one crore 36 lakh 8 thousand taka.

Chairman of Nazirabad Union of Moulvibazar Sadar Upazila, Ashraf Uddin Ahmad said, “This is a holding tax.” According to the Union Parishad Act, 7 percent of income is taxed. His company has evaded taxes for 9 years.

Article 1 of 66 of 2 of the Constitution of Bangladesh states that if a citizen of a foreign country, such person is not eligible to be a Member of Parliament. Nevertheless, MA Rahim has become an independent candidate in Moulvibazar-3 seat in the 12th National Assembly elections. MA Rahim went to Britain in 1982. He started business there. Since then he has been a British citizen. Wife and children all live in London. He was also elected a councilor in St. Peter Ward in 1990 after participating in local elections in Britain. Then came to the country and started business. He has two buildings named MR Tower-1 in Sabuj Bagh area of Moulvibazar city and MR Tower-2 on Srimangal road. Next to MR Tower-2 there is a luxurious house of own residence. MA Rahim has several companies and business establishments in Britain. He is Director of MR Trading International Limited, Mahi Money Transfer & Travels Limited, Mahi Properties (UK) Limited. In 2020, MA Rahim was sentenced to a fine in the case filed by DW Erasmus in the Labor Court of London (case number: 1601155/18).

A total of 11 candidates submitted their nomination papers for the Moulvibazar-3 seat in the 12th National Assembly elections. They are – Awami League boat symbol candidate Zillur Rahman, independent candidate United Kingdom Awami League Vice President MA Rahim, Jasder Abdul Mushabbir, Works Party’s Tapas Kumar Ghosh, Jatiya Party’s Ruhul Amin and Md. Altafur Rahman, Fahad Alam of Cultural Liberation Alliance, Abdur Rauf of Islamic Front, Mohammad Abdul Qayyum of Zaker Party, Abu Bakkar of NPP and independent candidate Sadeq Ahmad.

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