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Journalist Mamunur Rashid got golden visa in Emirates

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Published: Thursday, February 2, 2023

Emirates’ COVID frontline warrior Mamunur Rashid has been honoured with golden visa. Emirates government is giving golden visas to businessmen, doctors, teachers, talented students as well as frontline corona fighters in the United Arab Emirates. In this category, the senior vice president of Bangladesh Press Club UAE and Emirates Correspondent of NTV Mamunur Rashid got the golden visa.


In March 2020, the Naif area of ​​the commercial city of Dubai in the UAE was put on lockdown, and it was declared as “red zone area” by the Dubai government. When everyone was at home in self-protect lockdown; he formed a volunteer team of 19 members named ‘Bangla Express Team’ on behalf of the Bangladesh community to ensure the distribution of health care and food items to the Bangladeshi expatriates in the lockdown areas along with the Department of Health of the Dubai Administration and devoted into the service of the expatriates. For a continuous month, they served around 30,000 Bangladeshis in the area of ​​Dubai. At that time, in addition to working in the Naif area, he used to broadcast the news of the guidance of the Emirates government every day to make the expatriates aware.


He worked day and night along with his team to serve the country’s expatriates. The team did not stop even though the lockdown was over in the area. If any of the Bangladeshi expatriates was infected with Corona, they helped him by getting him to the hospital, scheduling him to reach the testing center and by providing food items on behalf of Bangla Express.


In the post-corona period, the Dubai government gave everyone a memorial.

It should be noted that Mamunur Rashid, the first child of Bangla Express editor and publisher Md. Harunur Rashid, came to Dubai with his family in 1998. From childhood to adolescence, from primary to university, he completed everything in the Emirates. After completing his studies at Harriet Watt University in Dubai, he is currently working in business. In addition to study, he learned graphic design, journalism and writing in newspapers with his father and held special positions in various organizations.


He is well known in the Emirates as a successful organizer and journalist in addition to owning his own media business after completing his academic career. Currently, he is the Emirates representative of the popular television NTV in Bangladesh and the executive editor of Bangla Express, a popular print and online magazine in the Emirates.


Mamun is the Senior Vice President of Bangladesh Press Club UAE, an organization of journalists in the Emirates. In 2021, as a result of his long-term journalism, he received the lifetime membership of the local press club in Dubai. Recently, he was approved as the first Bangladeshi expatriate journalist by the Media Regulatory Authority of the Emirates.



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