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Jubo League leader Habibur Rahman’s reign of terror in Rajnagar

Rajnagar Correspondant
Published: Thursday, January 26, 2023

Jubo League leader Habibur Rahman Ramzan established a reign of terror in Panchgaon of Rajnagar upazila of Moulvibazar. In his wake, school construction stopped and drugs and evictions ramped up in the area.

It is known that Panchgaon Bahumukhi High School was established on 1st January 1985 in Panchgaon Union. Since its establishment, students from all over the area have been receiving education. The education rate is constantly increasing in the area. As the number of students increases, so does the classroom crisis. In view of the demands of the local residents, the allocation for the construction of new buildings was given in 2019. Panchgaon Union Parishad chairman Sirajul Islam Chana’s contractor company got the job as a contractor company. The chairman’s relative Jubo League leader Habibur Rahman Ramzan, Sohag and Ripon group members were engaged in the management. Even after a long time, the construction of the building is not completed. On January 19, the chairman’s relative Ramzan and his party beat up school management committee member Akhlu Mia and teacher Balaram Chandra during the school on January 19, when the chairman protested the syndicate’s irregularities. Locals rescued the injured and admitted them to the hospital. In this incident there was an adverse reaction among the students of the school. The chairman’s men threatened that no case or legal action should be taken in the police station regarding this incident.

Meanwhile, Jubo League leader Habibur Rahman Ramzan tried to molest a girl student who was going to college on the morning of January 24. The Jubo League leader ran away when the locals came forward after hearing the screams of the girl. The girl’s father filed a complaint at the Rajnagar police station, but the police could not arrest Jubo League leader Habibur Rahman Ramzan. Locals said that the Jubo League leader has been harassing college going girls on the streets for days. Give them bad suggestions. Many girls have dropped out of education due to fear of Jubo League leaders.

Locals said that Panchgaon Union has become a haven of terror and crime as a result of land grabbing, extortion, looting and even evasion by its people under the leadership of the chairman. Residents said on condition of anonymity that the chairman’s relative Ramzan is leading the drug business. Which is leading to destruction of youth society. When I went to complain to Rajnagar police station, there was no solution. Against these wrongdoings and misdeeds, members of the organization, Naimul Islam and Habib Mia, were brutally beaten up by Sohag and Ripon, associates of Jubo League cadre Habibur Rahman Ramzan, as “Amara Aragami Spotting Club” protested. In this incident, when the family members of the injured went to file a case, the police did not take the case. Members of “Amara Aragami Spotting Club” are not able to do social activities due to fear of Jubo League terrorists. The police arrested a drug dealer named Md. Muhid Miah (37) with about 500 pieces of Yabas from the upazila. Later, when the police interrogated the accused Muhid Mia on remand, Muhid Mia told the police that Jubo League leader Habibur Rahman Ramzan and his accomplices Sohag and Ripon were directly involved in this drug trade.

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