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Moulvibazar is the top producer of tea in the country!

Samad Ahmed Abir
Published: Tuesday, May 30, 2023
Moulvibazar is the top producer of tea in the country!

Moulvibazar, located in the greater Sylhet region of Bangladesh, has emerged as the top district in tea production in the country. The district’s role in tea production is crucial, as it contributes significantly to the national economy.

According to the Bangladesh Tea Board, the country produced a total of 93.83 million kg (9,38,29,162 kg) of tea in 2022. Out of this, Moulvibazar district alone produced the highest quantity of tea, amounting to 4.48 million kg (4,48,01,103 kg).

Panchagarh district secured the second position in tea production in 2022, with a production of 1.78 million kg (1,77,81,938 kg) of tea. Habiganj district ranked third, producing 1.47 million kg (1,47,572 kg) of tea.

Additionally, Chittagong produced 1.11 million kg (1,10,68,434 kg) of tea, Sylhet produced 54.10 thousand kg (54,10,724 kg), Rangamati produced 59.10 thousand kg (59,105 kg), and Bandarban produced 7.28 thousand kg (7,284 kg) of tea. On average, tea production in the country stands at 1,640 kg per hectare.

According to the Tea Board’s Project Development Unit (PDU) in Sreemangal, there are currently 168 tea gardens in Bangladesh. Out of these, Moulvibazar district hosts the highest number of tea gardens, with 90 gardens. Habiganj has 25 gardens, Chittagong has 23, Sylhet has 19, Panchagarh has 8, Rangamati has 2, and Thankurgao has 1. The total land under tea cultivation in the country, including tea garden nurseries, spans 154,953 acres. Additionally, there is potential for tea gardens to expand into an additional 17,079 acres in the future.

Sreemangal, known for its abundant rainfall throughout the year, contributes significantly to tea production in the greater Sylhet region. The area boasts 44 tea gardens, comprising small, large, and outpost gardens. The extent of tea gardens in Srimangal continues to expand each year. The recent establishment of the country’s second international tea auction center in Sreemangal has opened up new opportunities for tea plantation owners and the Tea Board to further enhance tea production.

For the year 2022, the country had set a target of producing 100 million kg of tea; however, the production slightly fell short at 93.83 million kg. This year, the tea production target has been set at 102 million kg. The Tea Board and industry stakeholders are optimistic that favorable weather conditions, including adequate rainfall and temperature, will enable them to achieve this target.



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