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Mujahidul Islam the Editor & Publisher of AsiaBD24

Staff Reporter
Published: Thursday, August 26, 2021

Mujahidul Islam the Editor & Publisher of AsiaBD24

Mujahidul Islam was born on 1 January 1990 in Rajnagar upazila of Moulvibazar district. A journalist and social worker by profession. In 2013, he started working as a Rajnagar correspondent for the weekly “Sylhet Pranto”. Then, he worked as a Rajnagar correspondent for the national Daily Janata for three years long. He worked Sylhet’s ‘Daily Uttarpurba‘ as a correspondent of Rajnagar Upazila for 3 years. Mujahidul Islam is currently working as the editor and publisher of AsiaBD24.com, a popular online news portal publishes in the United Arab Emirates.

Meanwhile, he has been working with poor and helpless patients for 6 years long. His addiction was to manage blood voluntarily in all hospitals of the Sylhet division. In 2016, he established a social organization called ‘Rajnagar Raktaseba‘. So far he has donated blood 14 times (A negative). He is the former Organizing Secretary of Swapner Dheu Foundation of Bangladesh, a popular social organization in Moulvibazar. In his village, He established an organization called ‘Islampur Miarkandi Social Welfare Organization‘ with the expatriates. Their main goal is to cooperate with the helpless day laborers. He has been working as an associate member of the Rajnagar Press Club for a long time.
He has already traveled to several countries including Qatar, UAE, and India.

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