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A photo taken by Moon, featured in National Geographic

Staff Reporter
Published: Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Jagannath University (JNU) student Mirza Mohammad Moon Hriday’s photo has been featured on the page of National Geography.


He is a first-year student at the University’s Department of Geography and Environment. Now, he is a wildlife photographer.


Moon said, recently the authorities launched a system of submission of pictures called “Your Shot” on the official page of National Geographic, the picture is published in National Geographic India, where pictures could be uploaded from anywhere using the Your Lance system. Furthermore, this was the procedure that I followed and completed the submission to an online portfolio. Apart from it, I uploaded 4 to 5 images, from there one image was selected. They named the film “Death of Kiss”.


Expressing excitement after the publication of the photo, Moon said, “All photographers want their photos to be in a major news media, such as National Geographic, BBC, Discovery. When my photo was published in National Geographic, I felt it was the biggest achievement of my life and the result of my five years of hard work had just paid off.


It is known that Moon had won various awards in photography so far. Among these, ‘Siena award’ from Italy in 2020. In addition, in 2019, he passed the merit list of Bangladesh National Youth Photography Competition and other photography competitions. The National Climate Change International Award in 2021 was noteworthy.



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