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BahannoNews gains audience trust in a short time

Staff Reporter
Published: Thursday, October 6, 2022

From the very beginning of launching the online news media Bahanno News has been focused on the various irregularities and corruption of the country and had a strong dedication for investigating any facts following professionalism and ethics of journalism.


 As a result, the name and fame has reached a wide range of audience and gained good acceptance to conscious readers in a short period of time. Yet, more than two lakh readers have joined its online Facebook page and achieved Google AdSense.


The online media provides continuous news on all spheres of national and international issues including Politics, Economy, Entrepreneurship, Education, Sports, Entertainment, Job News, Art and Literature, Science and Technology, Healthcare, Lifestyle, Politics, education, job news, Entrepreneurship aresome of the top visited areas of the media.


The portal’s ‘Opinion’ section for discussing various contemporary domestic and international issues has already gained immense popularity among the civil and conscious society of the country. BahannoNews was the first to highlight the news of the mysterious death of zebras one after another at the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park, which is the center of attraction of the country. They published informative investigative news with evidence of ‘death’ of 9 zebras.


The investigation revealed evidence of zebra and tiger deaths due to poisoning.BahannoNews was the first to publish the investigative report of corruption and irregularities among others, including Professor Ahsanullah, who is on the government’s priority list. In their investigation, the appointment led by the vice-chancellor in the institution, irregularities in various activities including the recognition of new institutions, and the loss of money came out.


The University Grants Commission (UGC) has already started an investigation to look into all the irregularities and corruption on the instructions of theMinistry of Education.


Dhaka university pro-vice-chancellor (admin) professor Dr. Muhammad Samad who used to write columns on the portal said that Bahanno News has gained a lot of acceptance in a very short period of time. Their efforts in publishing accurate and objective news are commendable.

I wish them success.” Publisher and Editor of the media Bivash Barai said that they are working to present the media as an objective news portal for all. We are very dedicated to providing correct and accurate news keeping the priority of youth in mind. We seek the cooperation of all respected in building a beautiful Bangladesh by encouraging the country and the nation in favor of truth and progress”, he added.



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