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CMF protests in the lawsuit against the editor of Dhakapost

Staff Reporter
Published: Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Campaign for Media Freedom (CMF), an organization of journalists for the establishment of free media, has strongly raised an objection against the case of harassment, false extortion and ICT Act in opposition to the editor of the Dhaka Post, the popular online newspaper of the country, and Ripon Akand, correspondent of Gaibandha.


On Tuesday (January 17), the office secretary of the organization, Kamran Ahmed, signed the pad, president Hossain Ahmed and general secretary Md. Farhad Hossain in a joint statement demanded an immediate withdrawal of this harassing false case.


The leaders said that when the journalists were vocal about the freedom of the media, a dishonest circle that had been attacking various quarters of the government had made the journalists their targets to cover up their corruption, irregularities, crimes. The group’s activities questioned the government’s independent media policy.


Calling for the immediate withdrawal of all false and harassing cases filed against journalists and news media, the leaders said that if the work of media workers in a free country was not stopped, the journalist community would be forced to stand against such harassing cases and torture.

TMT/Desk/Ruhan Ahmed

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