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Conference of freelancers in Sylhet

Staff Reporter
Published: Friday, November 12, 2021

Freelancers work from home most of the time. Virtualization is a big part of their communication with each other. Online introductions, conversations, discussions, and even chats go online. However, when it comes to getting together, everyone appeares at the reunion as social butterfly.


Some successful freelancers of the Sylhet division have appeared in such event. Freelancers from different districts and upazilas have come in groups to attend a conference, which was organized by ‘Freelancers Sylhet’ group, at Unoon restaurant in Shahi Eidgah area of ​​Sylhet on Friday afternoon. A total of about half a hundred freelancers showed up.


The event was chaired by Suleman Ahmed, admin of Freelancers Sylhet Group and conducted by Ali Hossain.


From the speeches of the speakers, it is clear that they have been established today as a result of a lot of hard work, time, and sleepless nights in life. Some people have taken the helm of the family by freelancing. Moreover, many individuals have become entrepreneurs even while they were students.


Speakers also said that those who are thinking of doing courses in different institutions should do all the research including the background and marketplace of the organizations. Otherwise, there is a possibility of cheating. They said, “We want honest and hardworking qualified freelancers to be created in Sylhet.” They added, “We do not want newcomers to be admitted in any fraud institutions .”


Admin Tofael Ahmed said, “We have opened this group so that newcomers do not get cheated and get proper guidelines. ” In the beginning, no one should fall. “We will unite and cooperate with each other.”


Digital marketer Ruby Begum said, “I am a woman, and I can do everything. “However, the opportunities for women in this country are less, so we are still far behind. “Nevertheless, freelancing is a profession where you can take yourself and the country to a long way by sitting at home with the right guidelines. “Women are also playing a huge role in the development of economy as remittance fighters of the country just as men. “Today’s reunion sets a landmark. “There is no end to learning, and this kind of event should be held at least once a month so that the newcomers get a good direction of learning and get interested in learning.


“Besides, such a clean arrangement should be done again and again.”


Suleman Ahmed, admin of Freelancers Sylhet Group, shared his success story in the first session. He talked about how he got the benefit of working online without running after a traditional job. He said, “A lot of deceptions are being done using the name of freelancing. “We will work hard to bring the real freelancing concept to light .”



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