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Newcomer OC’s meeting with journalists of Rajnagar Pressclub

Staff Reporter
Published: Sunday, June 27, 2021

Newcomer OC's meeting with journalists of Rajnagar Pressclub

Newly-appointed Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Rajnagar Police Station Mohammad Nazrul Islam exchanged views with journalists of Rajnagar Press Club in Moulvibazar.

On Saturday (June 19) evening, an introductory meeting was held with the journalists of Rajnagar Press Club in the office room of the officer-in-charge of the police station.

Officer-in-charge (investigation) of Rajnagar Police Station Farid Uddin, President of Rajnagar Press Club and Rajnagar correspondent of Dainik Desh Awal Kalam Beg, Vice-President and District Correspondent of Daily Naya Digant Abdul Aziz, Rajnagar Correspondent of Daily Jalalabad Shankar Dulal Dev, General Secretary and  Rajnagar Correspondent of Daily Manabzamin  Abdur Rahman Suhel, joint general secretary and Rajnagar Correspondent of the daily JayJaydin. Forhad Hossain, Treasurer and Rajnagar Correspondent of Daily Sylhet Mirror Syed Fuad Hossain, Information Dissemination and Publication Editor and Daily Bhorer Dak Rajnagar Correspondent  Ahmadur Rahman Imran, Member and Rajnagar Correspondent of Daily KhabarPatra Saidul Islam, Associate Member and Editor and Publisher of Sheikh Mujahidul Islam, Rajnagar correspondent of Daily Manobkantha Kamran Ahmed, Rajnagar correspondent of Daily Gana Mukti Alim Al Munim. 

Newcomer OC Nazrul Islam sought the overall cooperation of the journalists.

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