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Students welcome spring with Various arrangements of ‘pitha-puli’

Staff Reporter
Published: Monday, February 13, 2023

As time progresses, the beauty of the shimul trees increases. The green nature is colored by the mixture of red and yellow. The chirping of the cuckoos is like an unknown love story.


14 February is World Valentine’s Day. On this day of love, the king of the Bengali season, Basant, begins. The surroundings will be full of flowers. Young people will rejoice. To make this joy and beauty even more beautiful, Moulvibazar Government College is organizing pitha festival. The self-made pitha of the students will be arranged in stalls in the campus.


Moulvibazar Government College authorities will celebrate day-long spring festival with various arrangements.


Professor Debashish Debnath, principal of Moulvibazar Government College, will inaugurate the main session in front of the administrative building of the college at ten o’clock tomorrow morning.


After that, there is a spring rally on the occasion of Pahela Phalgun. All teachers, students and staff will participate there.


There will also be cultural programs (reciting, singing, dancing, magic show and a fashion show showcasing the traditions of contemporary Bengal) and a spring fair. The fair will have arts and crafts, books and pitha stalls by the courtesy of 14 departments of Honours of the college.


All in all, Moulvibazar Government College Campus is waiting for a beautiful morning.



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