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Support Grows for Awami Candidate Anwaruzzman

Kamrul Islam Shawon, London
Published: Tuesday, May 23, 2023
Support Grows for Awami Candidate Anwaruzzman

Northampton, United Kingdom – A discussion meeting held at Armintus Restaurant in Northampton on Sunday, May 21, rallied support for Awami League candidate Anwaruzzman Chowdhury in the upcoming Sylhet City Corporation elections.

The meeting, organized by the Anwaruzzman Chowdhury Campaign Committee Northampton, began at 11 pm. It was presided over by M Abdur Roop, President of Northampton Awami League, with General Secretary Babul Hossain and Anwar Ali serving as moderators. Syed Sajidur Rahman Farooq, General Secretary of United Kingdom Awami League, and Abdul Ahad Chowdhury, Organizational Secretary of United Kingdom Awami League, attended as key speakers.

Prominent figures such as Makhdach Ali, President of Commenti Awami League, Ruhul Amin, General Secretary of Commenti Awami League, Jamal Ahmed Khan, Joint General Secretary of United Kingdom Jubo League, Dr. Naz Islam, community leader, former General Secretary Tipu Rahman, renowned businessman Rupa Mia, community leader Jewel Ahmed, and Enamul Haque Enam, Joint Secretary of London Metropolitan Jubo League, were present as special guests.

During the meeting, Enam Hossain, Secretary of London Jubo League, Shapan Sikder, Vice President of UK Chhatra League, Adnan Rahman and Nizam Uddin, members of UK Chhatra League, expressed their views.

The event was also attended by Nazmul Haque, a leader of Sheffield Awami League, Sueib Ahmed, a prominent businessman, Aqiq Mia, President of NBA, Mustaq Ahmed, leader of Birmingham Awami League, and other dignitaries.

The chief guest emphasized the importance of supporting Anwaruzzman Chowdhury, stating, “Why should we vote for Anwaruzzman Chowdhury? We firmly believe that change is possible under his leadership. We have faith in his ability to accomplish what his predecessors, Badr Uddin Ahmed Kamran and Mayor Ariful Haque, could not. Anwaruzzman Chowdhury represents a new generation of leaders, bringing fresh perspectives and ideas. If he requests funds from the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Home Affairs, or any other department, he will secure double the resources compared to Arif Sahib and Kamran Bhai.”

The meeting generated enthusiasm and optimism among the attendees, solidifying their support for Anwaruzzman Chowdhury in the Sylhet City Corporation elections.


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