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After six months Emirates cuts fuel oil prices

Staff Reporter
Published: Monday, August 1, 2022

In the United Arab Emirates,  after six months, cuts the price of fuel oil. The country’s government has announced that the new price of fuel will be effective from August 1.


The new prices have been fixed through an announcement on Sunday (July 31).


The price of Super 98 petrol has been fixed at 4.03 dirhams per liter in the country, up from 4.63 dirhams in July. Special petrol 3.92 which was 4.52 dirhams in July. E-Plus 3.85 which was 4.44 dirhams in July. Diesel is 4.14 dirhams per liter compared to 4.76 dirhams in July.


Fuel prices have doubled in the UAE this year. However, the demand from the country’s Ministry of Energy is growing less in the emirate than in the global market. The price of fuel oil has increased at least 6 times this year.


Meanwhile, local citizens including expatriates have expressed their satisfaction with the price reduction after a long six months.




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