June 19, 2024, 6:35 am

Distribution of ducks among 280 needy families in Juri

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Published: Friday, June 7, 2024
Distribution of ducks among 280 needy families in Juri

In Juri, 15 ducks with husbandry equipment were distributed among 280 families of the upazila for the socio-economic development of the marginalized people in Juri. Earlier, the Upazila Livestock Office provided training on duck rearing to the beneficiaries. These ducks are distributed, equipped and trained under the Integrated Water Resources Development Project of Haor Region. Juri Upazila Executive Officer Lusikant Hajong distributed ducks among the beneficiaries as the chief guest.

According to Upazila Livestock Office sources, among the 280 families in 5 unions of Hakaluki Haor Beshit, work was started in December 2021 under the integrated water resources development project of Haor region to make these families self-sufficient with goats and goats. The members of these families are trained in duck rearing.

Rani Biswas, a young woman from Amatoil Chowk village of West Juri Union, who came to take a smile, said, “My husband has a small farm.” The rice that I get becomes food for the year. I am raising ducks and goats and educating our three children. Elder daughter in degree 3rd year, 2nd daughter in degree 1st year, younger son has given SSC exam. All made possible by raising chickens and goats. I laugh at this, I sell chicken eggs. We raise these expenses by selling goats. The ducks I got now will also come in handy. These 15 ducks can grow up and make a big farm by giving babies.

Maina Rani Biswas of West Gobindpur village said, Our house is next to Hakaluki Haor once. I have more ducks with these all the ducks will grow up and lay eggs. The money from the sale of these eggs gives the family a lot of power.

Dr. Juri Upazila Livestock Officer. Rama Pad De said that these ducks have been given under the Integrated Water Resource Development Project of Haor region. These ducks are provided according to the list sent by the chairman of 5 unions of the upazila.

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