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Anniversary celebration tour of EvoMax IT

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Published: Thursday, October 14, 2021

Surrounded by high hills and evergreens. The waterfall is flowing from the mountain with impeccable jingling sound. Tourists are coming from different parts of the country to see this scene in a noisy environment. Madhabkund Falls, also known as the largest waterfall in Bangladesh, is located in the Moulvibazar district of the Sylhet division. Evomax IT celebrates its first anniversary in this charming environment.


Saiful Alam, Kamran Ahmed, Mujibul Haque, Abu Khaled Masum, Jahan Sayem, and Mustak Ahmed, Co-Founders of Digital Marketing Agency EvoMax IT, participated in the picnic organized by the EvoMax IT.


They have to work in front of the computer for a long time. Working in one chair continuously has to face various physical problems. Sometimes you need a little rest, you also need some entertainment. So on the occasion of the first anniversary, Evomax IT decided to have a picnic at the beautiful Madhabkund waterfall in Sylhet.

Anniversary celebration tour of EvoMax IT

It is said that this impeccable rhyme has become Madhabkunda waterfall and has fallen down. That is, the Ganges is a stream flowing through rhyme. It falls from a height of about 162 feet and flows through Madhabchhara. Usually, water flows in the mainstream all the time, when the rainy season comes, another small stream is formed next to the mainstream and in the rainy season, the two streams merge into one and the water flows sharply. This huge stream of water has created a huge pool below. The water of this Madhabchhara flows towards the west and merges with Hakaluki Haor.


On the right side of the tank, a cave has been formed on a rock, the local name of which is Kab. This cub looks a lot like a hut. On the thirteenth day of Madhukrishna, the bathers stand under the cab and change their wet clothes.


Saiful Alam, Director of Business Development said, ”There was a need for some entertainment at work. We, the co-founders, are very happy to be able to go on a year-round tour together. Since our agency was established in Moulvibazar, we celebrated our first anniversary at the traditional Madhabkund waterfall in Moulvibazar.”


Kamran Ahmed, Director of Information Technology, said, “We have set up Evomax IT after receiving training from the Ministry of ICT. We all worked remotely because of Corona Mahari. Never met each other before. Eventually, everyone went to the forest and got together I have taken a plan to speed up the work in the hope of creating employment for the unemployed.


Marketing Co-Ordinator Abu Khaled Masum said, “Everyone was getting very upset from the lockdown so we were planning to go for a walk again if the situation was normal.” People always want to know the unknown, to see the unseen. I have been working together for many days, but I have not met many people directly. I was very happy to hear that there would be a trip. It’s great to be able to connect directly with everyone. We are definitely doing something good with Evomax IT. I want to go further with everyone.

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