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Brazil defeated Argentina by 2-1

Staff Reporter
Published: Friday, June 24, 2022

A football match was held between the supporters of Argentina and Brazil at Munshibazar in Rajnagar upazila of Moulvibazar.  Brazil won the match 2-1.


The match was held at Karimpur Tea Garden Ground in Munshibazar on Friday (June 24) afternoon.


During the math,  Brazil team was led by Toraj Chowdhury and Argentina team was led by Adrian Rashid Sahan.


Mamun scored the first goal for Brazil on 20 minutes of the first half with an assist from Pablu Zaman.  Hridoy scored the second goal for Brazil on 35 minutes.  The Brazilian team played with full force throughout the first half.  Meanwhile, the players of the Argentine team became desperate but did not score any goal in the first half.


Finally, in two minutes of the second half, the desired goal was scored by Team Argentina.  At that time, after fouling Emon, the strongest player of the Argentine team, inside the D-box, Brazil was in a panic.  As a result, they had to compensate for a goal as a fee. Mohsin, one of the players of the team, scored the goal from the penalty spot.  At the beginning of the second half, Argentina showed a very strong game, but towards the end, the Brazilians attacked several times.  However, they did not score any goal.  In the end, the final result of the game was 2 -1.


At the end of the match, trophies were distributed between the two teams courtesy of Aminur Rashid Bablu, an expatriate from Italy.  The Argentine team’s jersey was sponsored by prominent sports fan Abdul Ahad Dipu, and the Brazilian team’s jersey was sponsored by Suleiman Mia, a prominent businessman from Munshibazar.


Toraj Chowdhury, captain of the winning team and star footballer of the district team said,  ” Football is a form of entertainment. ‘Winning and losing is a part of the game. ‘However, we enjoyed the game and, the opponent also played well.’Our sponsors are at the root of everything.


‘Because of their cooperation, we are able to increase our activities in sports. ‘I dedicate this winning trophy to him. ‘ Young people will be drug-free if they are in these kinds of sports. ‘I will try to keep the youth away from bad deeds including drugs through sports.”


Prominent sports enthusiast Abdul Ahad Dipu said, “We will continue our efforts to preserve the sports culture of Munshibazar.’Our Munshibazar football team has always had a good reputation at the Upazila, district, and divisional levels.’ We are hopeful that the footballers of Munshibazar will contribute successfully to the national level.


It is to be noted that on June 10, Brazil also won the first friendly match between Brazil and Argentina.




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