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Mobile court: 15 thousand 250 takas fine in 31 cases

Staff Reporter
Published: Saturday, July 3, 2021

Mobile court: 15 thousand 250 takas fine in 31 cases

The Moulvibazar Today:: The Rajnagar Upazila administration is in a strict position to implement the lockdown and ensure strict restrictions on the movement of people and other issues to combat corona infection as per the government order. Police have taken positions at various important corners of the Upazila. There are also members of the army, BGB, and Ansar on the field.

On Friday (July 2), Upazila Nirbahi Officer and Executive Magistrate Priyanka Paul and Assistant Commissioner (Land) Urmi Roy, Moulvibazar Assistant Commissioner, and Executive Magistrate Syed Safkat Ali conducted mobile courts in different markets of the Upazila and collected fines of Tk 15,250 in 31 cases.

Rajnagar Upazila Nirbahi Officer Priyanka Paul said, “Four people were temporarily arrested for wandering outside unnecessarily, not wearing masks, and gathering a crowd to watch our operation. But they have admitted their mistake and said they will not do it again. So they have been released.” 

He also added that almost everyone is wearing a mask and following hygiene rules. But most of the shops were open, so we collected fines. At the same time, we are continuing the campaign on wearing masks, complying with hygiene rules and government restrictions. We will continue our campaign to implement a strict lockdown.

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