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Tea estate in the reign of red water-lily

Staff Reporter
Published: Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Pageantry of eye-catching red water-lily in the middle of tea garden. The unique beauty of the red water-lily blooming on the water will fascinate anyone. Eye-catching beauty cannot be sensed without seeing.


‘Katailia Lake’ is located in Hingazia Tea Garden of Brakshanbazar Union of Kulaura Upazila of Moulvibazar. Earlier it was known only as Katailia, but because of its beauty, the tourists gave it the name Katailia Lake. This katiliya lake has been bloomed with enchanting red water-lily. Just seeing it from a distance, anyone will say: “Wow, what a beauty! “. Then the mind will hum unknowingly, ‘You have tied the flower of water-lily with a thread, or your mind…’


When someone goes to Katailye Lake, the noise of different species of birds comes from all around. If you walk around the lake, you will see monkeys jumping from one tree branch to another tree branch. The arrival of squirrels in the walk is quite good, and there is also an influx of native species. It makes the surroundings charming.


Locals said that the beauty here fascinated everyone. Because of this katiliya, the beauty of this place had blossomed. Many people from their neighboring villages came to visit the place.


Tourist Bappan Debnath said, “The reign of the red water-lily in such a unique beauty has made the mind cheerful.”


Mimi who came from Sylhet to Katailia Lake said, “It is one of the most beautiful lakes I have ever seen. I was mesmerized by the towering tea hills and the breathtaking beauty of the lake. Making this lake more beautiful will add another tourist spot to this upazila.”


In this regard, Shahriar Parvez, assistant manager of Hingazia tea garden, said, “It is a private property of a tea company and we cannot open it for tourists due to various restrictions. Cattailia is mainly used for irrigation of tea plants.“



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