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Kamran Ahmed the young masterpiece!

Staff Reporter
Published: Monday, April 4, 2022
Kamran Ahmed the young masterpiece!

Kamran Ahmed, widely known as Kind Kamran,  is a Bangladeshi journalist, musical artist, young entrepreneur, and Youtuber. He is mostly known as a creator. He is a great music composer. He has an agency named ‘EvoMax IT’. His agency provides music composition and music video editing services. He is well known in Bangladesh as he got media attention at an early age. When he was young, he showed remarkable musical talent in hip-hop music.


Kamran Ahmed (born September 1999 in Moulvibazar, Bangladesh) is a Bangladeshi journalist. At the age of 20, he started his journalism career. In 2019, he started his journalism career as a staff reporter for an online news portal named Then, he joined a national daily newspaper named ‘Manabkantha‘. At the moment, he is a correspondent of Rajnagar Upazila of this newspaper, which is ranked 11  in Bangladesh among the other newspapers. Moreover, he also works in the online news portal ‘Sylhet Voice’ and daily newspaper from Sylhet named ‘Jainta Barta’.


Currently, he is an editor and publisher of the first English news portal in Moulvibazar district named ‘The Moulvibazar Today’.


Since 2013, he started his Freelancing career as a webmaster. He created lots of mobile websites at that time. However, he took a rest for a few years due to his study purpose. After completing his secondary school certificate exam in 2016, he again started his freelancing career. From 2020, He is an entrepreneur. He established an IT agency named ‘EvoMax IT‘ with his friends. He is co-founder of EvoMax IT and director of Information Technology in this IT agency.


This time, he is working as a Flutter Mobile Apps Developer in his local area and also provides these services outside. He gets attention from individuals through this skill. Now he is a famous Flutter Developer in his local area. He also trains the newbies.



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